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The MICHAEL ANASTASIOS S.A was founded in 1960 by Michael K. Anastasios.

Based in the industrial zone of Moschato in privately owned, 3000 m2 premises, it is the biggest production plant of springs and metal accessories in Greece. It is active both domestically and overseas, making great efforts to penetrate foreign markets where it is gaining more and more ground.

A main factor of our development was the well thought-out Growth Strategy, always with sure, careful steps as much with the continual investment in cutting edge technologies as with capitalising on our human resources by investing in their ongoing education and specialisation.
Since 2006 our company complies with all required processes set out by the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 9001:2008 and we are inspected annually by the TUV NORD group.

You have an idea for a Spring

and you are wondering how, what, when, how much?

We deliver from design to reality

with the functionality and the result you have in mind.

We have an experienced team of

Mechanics and Engineers working together

,Experts in springs,

a team you can trust to materialise your design to the last detail.

With Quality as the key word

we move from Concept

to Creation.

We supply large multinational companies

in several sectors like the

Defence Industry,
Vehicle Industry,
Electronic items,
Electrical equipment,
medical apparatus and equipment,
Construction companies,
Technology, Agriculture and
Fishery and many more.

We  accept any challenge.
Would you like to work together?