Metal Parts

We design and manufacture metal parts out of metal steel strip.

Design, development and manufacture of special tooling are achieved inside our company with special software and machines.

Thickness strip

from 0.10mm up to 3.00mm

Strip width

up to 60.00mm

Materials used

Steel strips C67, C75, C45 according to  ΕΝ10132-4, ΕΝ10132-2, ΕΝ10132-3, stainless steel strips according to ΕΝ10088-2, ΕΝ10251, brass strips CuZn37 (CW508L), CuZn36 (CW507L) and other alloys.

Order quantity

unlimited, capability of production from 1 piece to whatever quantity is needed for your specific fitting.

Delivery time

direct, there is great flexibility in our production procedure.

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Indicative jobs

Indicative jobs

Various samples