Raw materials

The raw materials we use are imported from the biggest and most reliable manufacturers in Europe. All our materials are accompanied by certificates stating their precise properties, hardness and chemical composition. We believe in the precision of the properties of the materials as they form the basis for the better construction of the components that follow.

For example, some of the raw materials we work with are:

Spring wires in accordance with EN 10270-1, stainless steel wires in accordance with EN 10270-3, steel strips C67S, C75S in accordance with EN 10132-4, EN 10132-2, EN 10132-3, stainless steel strips in accordance with EN 10088-2, EN 10251, brass strips CuZn37, (CW508L), CuZn36 (CW507L) and any other alloy as requested.

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Most times the spring is a very small part of a much bigger structure. Yet, its critical role makes it one of the most essential parts of a construction because the performance of the final product as a whole depends on the proper function of the spring.

In other words, by manufacturing high quality and high accuracy springs and sheets, we achieve the maximum performance of our customers’ products.

Contributing to this is our latest technology mechanical equipment, the vigilant inspection during all phases of the production process and the continuous training of our technical staff.

Since 2006 our company complies with the processes set out by the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 9001:2015 and we are inspected annually by the TUV NORD group.

End of May 2018 the company successfully completed the transition to the new version of ISO 9001: 2015.


We observe all necessary steps for the recycling of metal trimmings, oils, as well as packaging materials, and we do not use products harmful to humans or the environment.