Tension Springs

Tension Spring is a spring that consists of a series of coils joint between them and which open and extend the length of the spring when two antagonistic axial forces are applied on the ends of the spring. When the application of these forces stops, the spring returns to its original position.


Wire diameter

0,10mm to 30.00mm

Spring ends

without hooks or with hooks ( English loops, german loops, side loops or other specific prolongations and shapes )

Materials used

phosphated steel, galvanized, stainless steel, brass, copper, alluminium and other alloys, in various wire shapes, such as round, square, half round e.t.c.

Surface treatment

various surface coatings, oiling and others.

Order quantity

unlimited, capability of production from 1 piece to whatever quantity is needed for your specific fitting.

Delivery time

direct, there is great flexibility in our production procedure.

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Indicative jobs

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